Ready-Made Chiropractic Websites

What do we mean by "Ready-Made"?

It is one thing to have a website and another thing to have an online platform that is optimized for success.  For 20 years we have developed websites for clients in all manner of industries.  But the most important thing, and the one thing that many of the sites lacked, is good content.  

Our custom site builds assume the client is providing the content.  But we have found from long experience that most people have no idea on how to write search engine-optimized content, the likes of which, Google appreciates enough to rank higher than others as relevant resources for certain keywords.

Our Blueprint 'Ready-Made' websites have over 25+ pages of service related, SEO optimized pages of content pre-populated for you.

With an extensive global options setup, you can determine what services you want to display, whether you have a call to action with form, video or other. You can add your doctor and staff pictures with bios, revise menu as desired and start to blog or provide updated news and offers.

25+ Pages of Optimized Service Content4 Header Options for variation8 Footer Options2 Blog LayoutsMailing List OptionsHomepage Video OptionSocial Media Links & StreamsExtensive Global Options

Will my "Ready-Made" site look identical to someone else's? Short answer, no.

When you purchase a Buildplatform Ready-Made chiropractic site, we will customize the layout, all regional references, your contacts, social, the services you provide, calls to actions and the images on the homepage.  When you couple that with your branding and color scheme, your ready-made site will look unique to you an your practice and niche focus. Take a look at these clients to see the variation that can be accomplished.

And you have exclusive rights to these sites in your service area!

Don't want to pay for custom right now? Don't want to write your own content? Need a beautiful site that functions well and performs in short order?




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