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We have a well-oiled white labeling machine for wholesale website design!



Not currently offering website design?

Or don't prefer to continue offering it In-House?

We have a solution for you!

If you have not already done so, please visit our custom design portfolio.

The reason I am directing you to our custom portfolio is that you will see there that the quality of our work is outstanding. There are not many firms, and even fewer overseas firms, accomplishing this level of unique design and functional quality. I bring up overseas firms because if you are investigating an outsourcing solution, you have undoubtedly already looked into doing so overseas. You may have even tried it a few times already. You almost assuredly have found that the hassle of dealing with that kind of firm is simply not worth the trouble and the quality of work is hit or miss... and mostly miss. And that affects your relationship with your clients and in the end, your business suffers.

You might want to visit our custom site design pricing next.

Our wholesale arrangement is pretty simple. You want the kind of quality work you see in our portfolio for your clients as well. And we can provide that for you. This bolsters your position as a technical authority with your clients and it can facilitate a longer lasting relationship with them so you can continue to provide the valuable services that make up your primary offering.

We have two ways to turn web design into a profit center for you business:


Whether this is full white label solution for you or you simply become the project manager on the project is up to you. But you receive a larger discount off our retail pricing if you are acting as the liaison with the client. You will gather the content and collateral material needed to develop the website, be in the mix during the process and handling the back and forth and expectations of the client.

Finder's Fee Handoff

If you do not want to get bogged down in the day to day back and forth of project management, but still want to profit off the lead generation, this would be a nice option for you and you can stay focussed on what you do best. You simply introduce us as the web developers and we take it from there. The discount is less, but you are free to profit without being involved with the minutia of building a website for your client.

The more projects you send us, the more you profit.

If you are accepted as a wholesale partner. You will initially receive a 25% discount off the retail pricing we offer to the general public. But as you send us more and more projects, you will earn even more. You can eventually get a full 50% off our retail prices after your fifth referral! And we do not force you to sell the websites at our retail pricing. We develop sites for companies all across the nation, and often in other countries as well. If you are in a region that can command more, or if you bundle our services in with the services you provide, you can determine your real profit yourself. We will show you how to control expectations and how to avoid promising more than we will deliver at these prices, but you can effectively determine your profit based on your ability to sell, and how much trust and respect you have built with your clients.

Providing every service under the sun for your clients can become overwhelming and tedious. Maintaining someone on staff for every possible service your clients may ask for could break the bank.  But you also don't want to have to say "No" to a good client.

At BuildPlatform, we understand the power of strategic partnerships.

For over a decade now, we have provided a special wholesale arrangement for specific agencies or consultants to turn web design into a profit center for your business. 

Want white-label services?

We can do that for you.

Prefer a simple finder's fee?

You can simply hand-off a client referral and pocket the cash.

Fill out this quick form below and tell us a bit about your agency and if you qualify we will send you our wholesale rates and we can formalize our relationship and establish the desired procedures to see to it that your client is served in the best manner possible.

While you continue to do what you do best and profit from our experience!

Just a few of the top agencies we have worked with...

...that allowed us to tell you.

Step1. Fill out this quick form.

We will evaluate the submission and send you our wholesale rates and the responsibilities we both agree to take on. We will explain what is required and what is expected and how you can grow your discount as you send additional business our way. We look forward to helping you turn web design into a profit center for your business and benefit your client's needs at the same time.

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